Thursday, April 30, 2015

Come Alive

Easter is an awesome time of year where we celebrate what Jesus did. It's huge, it's powerful, it's life-changing, and sometimes, it's difficult to put into words what the Cross means.

But, lo and behold, I was asked to craft together an item for this year's Easter service at church. The theme for the morning was 'Come Alive'. It's quite daunting putting together something creative that can be open to interpretation by people and their personal ideologies, history, and paradigms. But after spending much time mulling over what it means to come alive, and to have a Savior bring you alive, the words below formed.

Props to our creative and dance teams who pulled off a diverse and thought-provoking item, with a little bit of Mumford & Sons thrown in for good measure. And double props to Andrew our tech extraordinaire who put together the video.

It's a beautiful thing when everyone works together to pull something great off.

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There are universal themes that weave their way through our lives. They are the threads that pull us all together, the common stitches that anchor the fabric of our existence into a garment of love and joy, pain and disappointment.

We all wear this garment and whether it’s comfortable and familiar or an ill-fitting cloak that wears at our senses, our humanity and our collective threads, are common and relatable.

But it’s when these threads become loose and unravel, where the safety and security of what we’ve always known - our beliefs, the foundation of what we’ve built upon, the safety of our created reality - when these fall out beneath us, questions and desperate pleas become the rhythm of our song.

It's in this place, where the chapters of chaos and pain read the same, that a story of hope rises out of the ashes of disappointment. It's in this place, where a Savior, who is not common, who is not one-size-fits-all, comes and mends our broken and loose threads into a garment far more stunning and majestic than we could ever purchase with our own efforts and striving. It's in this place, where we cry out, that we come to realize that our pain and disappointment do serve a purpose... to draw us into a dance with the only One who can bring us to our feet again.

It’s in this place, where we learn to believe and come alive.

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JenJohnston said...

I didn't know you were part of the creative genius behind the video from Easter. BEAUTIFUL Naomi!