About Naomi

I sat here looking at the screen for a really long time, trying to figure out something witty to say in the 'About Me' section. There's always something a bit pompous about writing your own biography section and it always feels to me that I'm trying to sell a product rather than share some insight into who I am. Because after all, the courses that we study and the jobs that we work don't really equate to who we are as a person.

Witty and random profile pic

xBut for what it's worth...my name is Naomi and I'm a creative type. I love to write, whether it's blogs, narratives, scripts, poems or songs, it's how I express who I am. I'm a musician, a gift which I am so grateful to God for, that he chose to give me that gift. I'm an animal lover who has two little kitty cats that make me very happy. Whenever I look at animals I'm just floored by how creative God is. Not only did he make us humans, but he took the time to create innumerable creatures that are so unique and quirky and beautiful and fun. Have you ever looked closely at a cat or dog? Sure, they may stink and bark and lick themselves in front of people, but the texture of their fur, their little paws, their eyelashes and whiskers and little furry bodies are just pure creative and loving Genius.

Family Photos. Mabel and Stella, the best cats in the world.

That leads me to the cornerstone of my existence. God. Without him I don't know where I would be. Well, I do really, and it's a place I would rather not go to. His gracious favour, his mercy and loving-kindness, without them I'd still be a lost, hurting and broken person. Without Jesus, there are no words.

So throughout this blog you'll find many references to God and the Bible. I can't help but write about him and what he's done and I guess that's the constant theme. And I won't apologise for that. But hopefully you can enjoy what you read and we'll go from there.

If we're talking about the real nitty-gritty details of myself, then I'll tell you that I've studied a Bachelor of Communication (majoring in Public Relations and also Journalism) and I recently graduated as a Master of Creative Writing. I work in Marketing for a sweet new company, and I really really dig my church. In fact, I moved to another continent for it. Check it out sometime.


I love to travel, although I don't do it nearly as much as I would like to. I thoroughly enjoy a good movie and aim to write one in the next few years. Think Bourne Identity meets Bridget Jones' Diary and you'd be getting close to my screenplay. I'm currently writing a young adult's fiction book and have no idea how it's going to end, so it's just as exciting writing it as it will be reading it. I like cups of tea and soy flat whites. I don't eat wheat, dairy or eggs and I'm a vegetarian. So really, that makes me a vegan. Or a gleegan.. gluten free vegan. I only use products that haven't been tested on animals. I have a sponsored child from Ethiopia called Tigist.

Graduation Selfie, Master Level
If I could meet one person in the whole entire world it would be Dr Phil and if I had one super power it would be time travel. My most prized possession is my Macbook Pro. I'm terrible at sports but I do enjoy playing lawn bowls every now and then. I despise boats and all things that float on the water so you won't ever catch me on a cruise.

That's probably all you need to know for now. But if you think of anything you'd like to know, just ask!